Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trip to Idaho Part 1

I promised myself that I would blog about our move to Idaho, but that was when I thought we would be having a fun, family trip through fascinating places. However, circumstances have caused us to have a quicker trip on a more direct route. We spent a night with my family, had a nice dinner and got to tell them goodbye. Then we went to Memphis where we stayed for a week. It was a nice visit, but we were ready to move on after a few days, but knew that no one else would see that as a good idea. On Wednesday morning we left Memphis after a large breakfast with my MIL and FIL and headed to Springfield, MO. We chose Springfield for no other reason than it was the right amount of miles away and located on our trip route. It was a nice enough area and when leaving we were able to drive a little on Route 66. Unfortunately, the boys were more concerned about their video games and not so much about the historical reference. On Thursday we headed to Lincoln, NE. Once again, the stop was chosen for location. On the way to Nebraska, we drove through pretty much the entire state of Missouri. It is a BIG state! We made a stop in Iowa. It was a beautiful area. Reminded me of the Delta farmland, but with mountains in the background. The farms are more manicured and less dirty looking. From there we moved on to Lincoln, which was a little interesting finding our hotel and I am sure that we could have found a more direct route, but the GPS (bitch in the box) lead us through the city and I am sure she was avoiding traffic issues on some roads. Now I sit here in a hotel in Lincoln, NE. The boys are sound asleep and by the sound of his snoring, Chris is sleeping well too. Maggie seems to have adjusted to the travel and now realizes that we aren't leaving her anywhere. I know that I have to rise a little early in the morning, but I can't seem to find that level of exhaustion I require. I think my adrenaline keeps flowing and I have too many things running through my mind. I am just ready to get to Idaho and be settled. Only a couple of more days and we will arrive at our new home. We are heading to Cheyenne, Wyoming in the morning. Wish us luck and I will talk to you later.

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