Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trip to Idaho Part 3

Today the majority of our trip was spent on I-80W going through the rest of Wyoming. It was a long and quite monotonous trip, but it was far from boring. There isn't much there, but the sights were beautiful. Every state has had its own highs and lows and each one has its own special beauty. I have never been this far west, so I am speechless at some of the sights. We entered Utah today. I am in love so far. If Idaho is half as beautiful as this state, then I may be content for life. We are staying in Ogden, Utah tonight. We even have mountain views from our hotel. We had dinner at a family owned Mexican restaurant that was very good and thus far, we have not met a rude person yet. Everyone has been friendly and fascinated by the sound of my voice alone. The boys are entranced by the amount of trains they have seen today. The west still uses trains for the transport of many things. Dalton said it was the best day ever! Both boys are very happy about the move and want us to get a house that is up on a mountain. Don't think that will be happening, but it is nice that they want that. It shows me that they can see the beauty around them too. As we walked back to the hotel after dinner, Dalton looked up at the mountain range behind the hotel and he actually thought it was a painting. He was shocked to find out that they were real. That is the beauty surrounding us here. It is so breathtaking that to the young eye, it has to be a painting because he can't imagine it actually existing. I have posted some pictures on my Facebook and now I must turn in for the night. Tomorrow is the big day that we arrive at our new home in Idaho. I am sure I will have much to say about that tomorrow night.

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