Friday, August 20, 2010

Trip to Idaho Part 2

Today was long.....there is really no other way to describe it. We got on I-80W about 1 mile from our hotel in Lincoln and we stayed on that until about 1 mile from our hotel here in Cheyenne. Anyone who has traveled that road can tell you how completely monotonous that can be. On a high note, the speed limit is 75. I won't say that the drive was completely boring because it wasn't. The countryside is absolutely beautiful and very clean. The sky was bright blue and at points I could see the horizon like in the Delta, but the colors were much more brilliant and not so drab. Chris compared the fields to the ocean and how they almost rippled out as far as the eye could see. I can only imagine how many stars we could see out there in the middle of the night. At first all we saw was corn fields for miles. I don't think I had seen that much of one crop grown in my life. Not even in the Delta farmlands. Eventually we started seeing other crops, but still fields and more fields. Occasionally a town would just pop up when you would cross a hill and there it was in the valley there. It reminded me alot of the villages you could see in Germany just pop up while you are driving the Autobahn. Dalton actually said that it was so beautiful out here that he wanted to live here forever. One, we aren't actually in Idaho yet, so we won't be "living" anywhere; and two, let's see what his opinion is after we go through our first winter. We had a little history lesson on the way today. We stopped for a break at one of the original Pony Express stops and learned about the early Nebraska settlers, Sod Houses and the western movement. The boys really enjoyed it. I think they are adjusting well and Dalton only has momentary spurts of nervousness over starting school on Monday and not knowing anyone. I am sure he will make friends very quickly. He is a complete extrovert. Not much more for tonight. Tomorrow we are crossing Wyoming on our way to Utah and then on Sunday we will finally be in Idaho. I am so excited and anxious. Sounds crazy for this Southern girl, but I think I may like this so far!

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