Monday, December 5, 2011


It has been awhile since I posted anything. Life has been kind of crazy and busy. Truth is, I haven't felt much like myself in a long time and I am just starting to get back in the swing of things. I have been in recovery from surgery for more than a month and during this time, social media has been my only real "connection" with the outside world. It is amazing how much you can learn without ever leaving your home. Some people are blaming Facebook for all the evils in their lives and you know, like always, I have an opinion on this. If a "friend" is posting comments that you find unforgivable or that make you think, "why are we friends?", then you simply need to delete them. I mean, if every word they utter makes your skin crawl and you fundamentally disagree with all their life choices, then it is time for you to edit them right out of your life. I am not personally someone who does this because the thing I love most about my friends is that they are so varied in their thoughts and beliefs that they truly enrich me as person. The difference in real friends and Facebook friends is that most people censor their feelings about things in order to not offend their true friends, but on Facebook, you tend to post something that is a dead giveaway to who you are as a person. It could be a shared video or a comment about politics or social issues. People say things on Facebook that they would never dream of saying to you, just because they try desperately to avoid face-to-face conflict. Secondly, Facebook did not ruin your marriage. If your spouse was not happy and found someone in "Facebookland" that they connected with, chances are it would have happened regardless. People were having affairs before the internet was ever invented. In fact, before Facebook, your spouse was connecting with someone at a local bar, live and in person. And, for the record, just because you put on your status that life is perfect and you are so in love, it doesn't make it so. If you aren't happy and you are living in a loveless marriage, Facebook statuses won't help that. You may think that you are faking it for the world, but trust me, there is always someone out there who knows the truth. It would be so much better for you to just say nothing. In fact, I believe in freedom of speech, but I also believe in having some dignity and that means, don't put everything out there for the world. There is a such thing as too much information. I don't want to read your constant bitching and complaining anymore than I want to read your sappy, fake crap. I may be about to do a little purging of my "friends" right now. Like I said, I like my friends to enrich me. I suppose if you make the cut, I must find something enriching about our relationship.

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