Friday, July 15, 2011

Do I Care?

In this incredibly automated world, do you ever wonder who actually cares about you? Facebook has made it where everyone feels so close, so in touch with each other. If something good or bad happens, you post it to your status and you get comments or likes from a few people; the number will depend on the content of the message. However, do you ever wonder how many of your "friends" actually care about you and what is going on in your life? I have about 700 friends. I actually have known all of those people throughout my life either through high school, college, military life, kids' schools, etc. Do I care about all 700? I can't answer that with a solid yes. I do want to keep up with the big events, like marriages, divorces, babies, jobs, sickness and death. Honestly, keeping up with what you are having for dinner or what you are watching on TV is not at the top of my list. I will comment on the random statuses that are not big events, but those are on the people I regularly interact with. The people who take the time to chat one on one with me; the people who text or private message me; the people who I really believe care about what is going on in my life and that is not always listed in a Facebook status. So people come in and out of our lives for one reason or another. Maybe they were truly nothing more than an acquaintance or maybe they were friends of circumstance. Periodically I clean out my friends list, not because I am angry with someone or don't like them, but mostly because if I pretend to care about all of these random people, somehow those that I do care about slip through the cracks. Do I need to attempt to care about so many people when, most of the time, there are only a few who really care about me? Those who do are probably reading this blog because they know that my blog says a lot more about me than any status update ever will.

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  1. that.. and i love reading blogs!!! lol

    i totally get what you are saying though. it's funny how people sometimes take offense if their status/pictures aren't "liked" or commented on. i love it for business, and with friends that DO update, it's great to keep in touch for important things. other than that, to me it can be just another form to act like we're involved in someone's life without actually BEING involved. (that make sense?)

    i still send birthday cards/letters/pictures in snail mail. i still call the important people in my life on their important days.. birthdays, anniversaries, holidays... which is one thing i despise about all this technology. ppl actually taking the time out to say.. "thinking about you today".

    that and texting... you wanna tell me something that's going to take over 2 msgs? CALL ME!! hahaha