Monday, November 1, 2010

Love is a Funny Thing

When we are growing up, if we are lucky, our parents told us everyday how much they love us...mine did. Then as we grow older, we are taught that there is only room in our hearts to love but just one person for life. What kind of BS is that? Everytime you fall in love, you give a little bit of your heart away. Sometimes you find out that it wasn't real love and you recover and can pass that along to someone else. I figure, the older you get, the less you have leftover to hand out. I am sure that the first person I loved, the one who made my stomach do flipflops and had butterflies, is still in a little part of my heart. The first person I had a real adult, intimate relationship with most definitely took a piece of my heart. Then I met my husband and he took up most of what was left, but then I gave birth to two precious little boys who tugged at those heart strings and I fell in love with them before I we ever met them. They will forever be in my heart. In all my years, I have had many friendse who I could love no more if they were my own flesh and blood. My sister and I have one of the best friendships I have ever had and I know that I love her more than most people love their siblings (although we didn't always feel this way). I am sure that I have room in my heart to love alot of people in alot of ways. We are made this way for a reason. I can't imagine going through life and only loving one person. What kind of life would that have made for me? So, I plan on letting my kids know that there are many different kinds of love and many different ways to love; and just because you begin to love one person it doesn't mean that you have to stop loving another, you just have to prioritize that love. However, there is one lessons that I was taught as a child that I will pass on to my kids. Always make sure you tell the ones you love that you love them. There may come a day when they aren't around to hear it and you don't want to forever wonder if they knew. I wish people weren't so shy or embarrassed by this. I think hearing someone say I love you makes you feel so wonderful, I don't think it should be those "dreaded three words". No one should dread saying them unless they are doing so out of obligation and not because of real feelings. So, today, tell your spouse you love them; hug your kids and tell them you love them; send a text, email, Facebook, etc. to whomever you think may not know this. You would be surprised who you may happen to tell that really needed to hear it and you may even save their life by letting them know. I plan on doing it.

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