Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, not much and so much is going on in the Burgess Family. Dalton finishes up kindergarten this week. He is growing up so fast and it amazes me what he learns every day. Peyton is starting PK3 next year, if we can get him potty-trained. He is trying, bless his heart, but he is a boy and I am asking alot of him to stop playing just to potty! I joined a gym last week and have met with my trainer twice. He is a persistent man who assumes I can do more than I probably can or should. He seems to think that his plan overrides the instructions of my doctor. Unfortunately for him, I actually listen to my doctor. So far it has been a battle of the wills and I am sure it is no surprise to anyone who is winning that battle. Strangely enough, I am actually enjoying my gym time. While I am there, it is just me and the TV or Ipod and I feel very relaxed and cleansed when I leave. It may be just what the doctor ordered for the difficult year ahead. Chris will be leaving for Honduras in a little over two months. We almost have everything in order, but until he gets the printed orders, some things are on hold. We have to get powers of attorney for everything! I think I am more stressed over what I have to do to prepare to PCS to Okinawa than I am over the million things I will have to do in the year that he is gone. I know he is excited and a little upset over being away from the kids, but I also think there is always a sense of relief when you know that everything is being taken care of and you get to spend time alone and not having to take care of anyone but yourself. The military community has a phrase "married, but single" and every few years, they like to give you the opportunity to experience it. It is just alot harder when I am looking at "married, but single parent". That is about all I have for now. I am sure that in the months to come, I will have much more to post.

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