Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Mysteries of Parenthood

Everyone loves to tell you that parenthood is an adventure. Each day can be the same old thing and then there is that one day that you wonder why you had kids. However, in the next breath, your child will say something funny or possibly profound and you have to laugh and remind yourself it is moments like that that made you have children. It never ceases to amaze me that I have to remind Dalton, who is 6, that he has to put on his glasses, or pick up his toys, or make his bed, etc....I think you get the picture. Everyday the same words come out of my mouth. So often, in fact, that I wish I could just record it and push play when the moment presented itself. However, the child has the memory of an elephant when it comes to the most unusual conversations. This serves as a constant reminder to watch each and everything I say to him. About a year or so ago he asked why he had two great-grandmas, but no great-grandpas. I told him that his daddy's grandpa died when his daddy was a little boy about his age and that my grandpa died when Dalton was only a few months old. We talked a little about death and where people go when they die. A bit of a tough talk to have with a then 4, maybe 5 year old, but I answered his questions and moved on. However, last night during dinner Dalton looked at me with his big brown eyes and said, "Mama, I am sorry your grandpa died." Where did that come from? I said, "Thank you, but that was a long time ago." He said so sweetly, "but I bet you still miss him and it makes you sad, so I am sorry." Kind of made it hard to remind him he could have no dessert until he finished his dinner. I love my children. Even when they are difficult and my neighbors probably think my head will explode from the yelling, I still love them. I love the things they say, the way they say it and the fact that they are the kind of kids who feel sorry for me when I am sad. Guess I am not that bad of a mama afterall. At least that is what I will tell myself today.

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